Moving Tips

  Tip #1

Carry with you all currency, jewelry and valuable papers, movers will not accept responsibility for articles of extraordinary value.

  Tip #3

Refrigerators and freezers should be defrosted and allowed to dry at least one full day prior to the move.

  Tip #5

Only leave soft goods in dresser drawers.

  Tip #7

Identify the contents of each carton you pack for easy unpacking.

  Tip #9

We suggest larger mirrors, glass tables tops, and valued paintings be crated by the movers.

  Tip #11

All cartons should be taped securely.

  Tip #13

Do not wrap books, lampshades, linens in newsprint. The print will rub off.

  Tip #15

You can use clean tea towels or tissue to pack lampshades and avoid soiling.

  Tip #17

Wardrobes are ideal for moving drapes. They are spread out, folded and placed on hangers, and pinned below the hanger so they will not slip off.

  Tip #19

Avenue Moving can offer fine safe storage facilities for your valued goods.

  Tip #21

Go through the house with the move manager when he comes to your home, giving any special instructions you may have.

  Tip #23

Furniture that is extremely fragile may require crating for safe shipment .i.e. Marble table tops.

  Tip #25

It is not necessary to empty dresser drawers, but remove all fragile and heavy items and all liquids.

  Tip #27

Do not wrap furniture with paper or cloth, or use rope or twine on any articles of furniture.

  Tip #29

Make sure to drain such items as outboard motors and power mowers.

  Tip #31

Avenue Moving will confirm all aspects of our services by letter.

  Tip #33

Take a telephone book with you, it will come in handy for checking addresses etc.

  Tip #35

Never pack articles above top of containers.

  Tip #2

Unless credit is arranged, your move manager will require payment by Cash, Cheque, Visa, or Mastercard upon the completion of your move.

  Tip #4

Before moving, dispose of hazardous materials since the movers will not accept such goods on the van - oily mops and rags, combustible or corrosive liquids, explosives, flammables or compressed gases, paints, propane tanks, bleach, etc.

  Tip #6

If you plan to do your own packing start well in advance of moving day; this avoids the last minute packing rush and strain.

  Tip #8

Towels and pillows may be packed in dresser drawers.

  Tip #10

Cartons, when packed should weigh not more than 50 to 60 pounds.

  Tip #12

Pack lampshades in cartons by themselves.

  Tip #14

Don't leave trays, etc. loose in refrigerator and stove.

  Tip #16

Toasters, waffle irons, small radios, should be wrapped individually and packed firmly in the bottom of a box or carton.

  Tip #18

When marking cartons we suggest you mark contents both on top and on the side for easy identification.

  Tip #20

Dismantling of beds and setting up, is part of Avenue Moving's service.

  Tip #22

On moving day check closets, attic, basement and garage to make sure all wanted items are taken on the van.

  Tip #24

Tie brooms, mop handles and curtain rods in bundles.

  Tip #26

Leave furniture as it presently is in your home. Our trained crews can load your effects faster and easier this way, than if it is placed in one room.

  Tip #28

Power tools, such as lathes, saws, grinders, should be dismantled for safe moving.

  Tip #30

Any fixtures fastened to the wall ( drapery tracks, electrical, etc.) should be taken down for the movers.

  Tip #32

Wardrobes are available to hang your suits and dresses full length as they do in your closet.

  Tip #34

Items not being moved (such as luggage ) should be kept separate so they will not be loaded in error.

  Tip #36

Advise the van driver of any articles you may require first in your new home so that they may be loaded accordingly.

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